Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Teamwork Competency and Defining Behaviours
Competencies Fully Performing Excellent Outstanding
Works collaboratively together with others to achieve group goals and objectives
  • Collaboration
  • Relationships/Partnerships
  • Open and willingly to share appropriate information with patients/clients, families and others
  • Assists in resolving team problems and deals with conflict in a positive manner
  • Takes responsibility for achieving individual goals while understanding the impact on patients/clients, families and others
  • Understands the importance of achieving team goals and contributes/ initiates solutions
  • Demonstrates a cooperative spirit and contributes to a positive and supportive working environment
  • Supportive of team decisions and is trusted by others
  • Takes action to address patient safety concerns within own or team members work
  • Takes initiative and offers assistance to colleagues/ fellow team members
  • Assumes leadership roles within the group and helps to facilitate team goal setting
  • Builds rapport, always communicates respectfully when giving feedback
  • Encourages and initiates teamwork
  • Involves the patient, family or others as a participant in the design and delivery of service or care
  • Works well with all people inside and outside the team
  • Mentors others and serves as a role model within team
  • Holds others accountable for team performance
  • Respects diversity, values the opinions of others
  • Continually strives to improve team effectivenessG
  • Creates synergy within team, department and alliances across the organization
  • Motivates others and brings team members together to achieve collaborative results
  • Persuades others to act in the best interests of patients/clients, families and teams within the organization
  • Resolves complex team issues by achieving common understanding on diverging interests
  • Facilitates and fosters cooperative approach within unit and beyond
  • Measures and monitors team outcomes and facilitates continuous quality improvement

Source: Teamwork competency and defining behaviours, Mount Sinai Hospital, Performance Appraisal System, Core Competency
on Teamwork, 2006.72