Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Suicide Ideation Resource Sheet

Some women have thoughts or images about harming themselves.  Begin the discussion with: “Often when women are depressed, they have negative thoughts about harming themselves.”

Proceed through the following Questions     Points
In the past month, did you: Think that you would be better off dead or wish you were dead? No Yes 1
Want to harm yourself? No Yes 2
Think about suicide? No Yes 6
Have a suicide plan? No Yes 10
Attempt suicide? No Yes 10
In your lifetime, did you ever make a suicide attempt? No Yes 4

Is at least 1 of the above coded YES?

If Yes, add the total number of points for the answers checked “YES” and specify the level of suicide risk as follows:

Current Suicide Risk: 1-5 points Low
6-9 points Moderate
>10 points High