Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Suggested strategies for supporting empowerment

 -Design flat organizational structures that decentralize decision making (Carney, 2004; Englebart, 1993; Mohr & Mahon, 1996)
 -Put nurses on bodies that govern policy and operations, including hiring, (Cronkhite, 1991; Gokenbach, 2004; Mohr & Mahon, 1996) finance, strategic planning and quality improvement (Bliss-Holtz et al., 2004; Mohr & Mahon, 1996)
 -Share governance (Devine & Turnbull, 2002; Krugman, 1989; Upenieks, 2002c)
 -Establish nursing councils or other structures for nurses to provide input (Erickson et al., 2003)
 -Establish policies enabling nurses to address ethical concerns or ‘blow the whistle.’ (Erickson et al., 2003)
 -Establish protocols for addressing professional nursing practice issues (Erickson et al., 2003)
 -Maximize nurses’ scope of practice in all roles in the organization (Erickson et al., 2003)
 -Hold open discussion forums on a regular basis (Dubuc, 1995)

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