Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Suggested strategies for promoting teams, collaborations and partnerships

 -Establish interprofessional practice councils (CNA, 2001)
 -Build time for collaboration into workload planning (IOM, 2004)
 -Hold interprofessional meetings and rounds (Upenieks, 2002a) with rotating responsibility for leading and teaching
 -Establish a code of conduct and communication for the interprofessional team
 -Design and implement care maps and pathways (IOM, 2004)
 -Establish interprofessional team peer-review for adverse patient care events (AACN, 2002)
 -Provide training in cross-cultural communication and conflict resolution (Disch et al., 2001)
 -Establish nursing management forums for problem solving and information sharing
 -Have staff share lounges for informal interaction and build private areas for consultation (IOM, 2004)
 -Collaborate with a wide range of partners including researchers, educational institutions, other providers and professional organizations
 -See RNAO Healthy Work Environments Best Practice Guideline Collaborative Practice Among Nursing Teams, 2006

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