Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Success Factors to Client Centered Care



Challenges/Barriers to Client Centred Care

  • Limitation of resources to respond to clients needs
  • Financial resources (e.g. for educating of part-time staff)
  • Lack of suitable documentation tools prior to implementation
  • No resource person easy to contact at all the times
  • Task orientation of unregulated staff
  • Staff attitudes – "we do it already" and lack of buy–in
  • Restructuring pressures
  • Workload/time constraints and fear it may mean increased workload
  • Scheduling education sessions
  • Hospital systems (e.g. food preparation at certain times)
  • Lack of staff to cover for educational sessions
  • Staff rotation – limited time to get to know clients
  • Changing long time patterns of practice

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