Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Strengthening & Supporting Families through Flower (Em)power Model

This framework depicts a comprehensive and perennial approach to best practices in this area. At the core of the flower is the nurse-family partnership. Without a genuine partnership, the four petals of the flower are unable to blossom and are of limited value to the family through expected and unexpected life events.

Sustaining a caring environment represents different interrelated components of promoting family health. The stem of the flower symbolizes the advocacy activities and policy changes needed to ensure that the nursing activities that support and strengthen families can grow and flourish. The leaves of the flower – vision, values and principles – are the source of a burgeoning model of Supporting and Strengthening Families. The roots of the flower symbolize how this best practice model is grounded in the following five axioms: responsibility, resources, respect, results and recognition. The Supporting and Strengthening Families Flower flourishes under conditions where support is provided for implementation of best practices. (page 9)