Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Strategies for recognizing nurses’ value

 -Establish and maintain practice supports such as nursing governance committees, advanced practice roles, nurse scientists, designated roles with separate accountability for professional practice (AACN, 2002)
 -Differentiate nurses’ practice roles based on experience, education and certification clinical ladders (AACN, 2002; Upenieks, 2003b)
 -Maximize nurses’ scope of practice and reduce their non-nursing tasks (Canadian Nursing Advisory Committee, 2002; Maslove & Fooks, 2004)
 -Create compensation and reward systems that recognize experience, education, advanced credentials, responsibility and performance (AACN, 2002; CNA, 2001; Devine & Turnbull, 2002)
 -Put professional and educational credentials on nametags and reports (AACN, 2002)
 -Include nurses in media events, public relations announcements and strategic planning (AACN, 2002)
 -Provide rewards for exceptional achievements and hold awards ceremonies to acknowledge them
 -Publish a nursing annual report or feature nursing in the organization’s annual report (AACN, 2002)

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