Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Strategies to Prevent Treatment Interference in Clients:

Non Restraint Strategies to Prevent Treatment Interference in Adults (Happ, 2000)
Explanation and Reminders
·         Frequent verbal explanation
·         Guided visualization of device
·         Written reminder
Distraction and Diversion
·         Activity apron
·         Occupational therapy consult
·         Writing tools
·         Reading material
·         Gadgets
·         Photo albums
·         Washcloths
·         Empty tubing/packaging
·         Music
·         Television
·         Long sleeved gowns
·         Generous tape, ace wrap or dressings at site
·         Commercial device-protective, cushioned sleeve, or IV site guard
·         Abdominal binder
·         Tubing out of visual field
Comfort and Positioning
·         Repositioning/specialty mattress
·         Tube stabilizer
·         Augmentative communication
·         Analgesia/sedation
·         Aromatherapy
·         Massage/touch therapies
Technologic Reduction
·         Discontinue nonessential devices
·         Intravenous adaptor
·         Replace with less restrictive/less intrusive device
·         Maximize Visualization
·         Video camera
·         Noise reduction
·         Family presence
·         Sitter/companion

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Nursing Intervention Strategies to Prevent Treatment Interference in Children (Snyder, 2004)
  • Establish rapport with child and family
  • Provide child and family with pertinent information
  • Provide child with creative and stimulating activities
  • Attach devices in a way that maintains comfort
  • Insert devices in locations that do not interfere with natural body movements
  • Use camouflage that is lightweight and comfortable
  • Use tape judiciously
  • Prepare child adequately for stressful procedures
  • Engage child while carrying out procedures
  • Offer the child choices
  • Use guided exploration
  • Embrace family-centered care
  • Choose interventions that may prevent treatment interference carefully
  • Use distraction during stressful procedures

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