Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Strategies for Healthy Workplace Culture

The literature identifies potential strategies to achieve a healthy workplace culture, which include the following:

  • Creating a balance between leadership and employee participation and involving nurses in health and Safety committees and initiatives (e.g. joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee);
  • Mentoring, succession planning and provision of career opportunities;
  • Creating an open, blame-free culture to identify workplace hazards and report “near misses” and workplace incidents.
  • Incorporating key values such as respect, honesty, feedback, trust and cooperation in order to foster a safe working environment;
  • Creating a culture where staff feel “psychologically safe” in order to advocate for their patients/clients and to “whistle blow” if necessary to protect themselves and their patients/clients;
  • Implementing policies for bullying, harassment, aggression and assault;
  • Supporting staff health and well-being via specific programs (e.g. social supports, personal growth and change, health practices, leaves of absence; and
  • Individual nurses accepting accountability for their own work-life balance.