Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Resources for reviewing, appraising, and integrating new research findings into their practice settings
  • The Health Planners Toolkit: Evidence-Based Planning,
  • TEIP Program Evidence Tools - a set of guidelines and worksheets that provide support in identification and application of relevant sources of evidence toward local health promotion and chronic disease prevention program:
  • The Canadian Best Practices Portal (CBPP) - a compendium of community interventions related to chronic disease prevention and health promotion that have been evaluated, and have the potential to be adapted and replicated by other health practitioners working in similar field:
  • The Health Communication Unit online, an evidence-based health program planner that includes a workbook, worksheets, evidence to support decision-making, practical tips and recommended resources for each step:
  • This site also provides a comprehensive list of hot linked resources related to evidence-informed practice,
  • The IDM Evidence Framework, a tool to help practitioners/decision makers address health promotion issues more effectively by incorporating evidence from research and evaluation into daily practice. It also includes values and theories and understanding of the environment, and emphasizes how all these factors interact with each other: