Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

  1. When working with youth, nursing interactions will be grounded in principles of respect, confidentiality, trust and transparency. Nurses will acknowledge youth’s strengths and potentials while building on collaborative partnerships.
  2. Nurses working with youth will utilize a comprehensive, collaborative, multifaceted approach to promote therapeutic partnerships and enhance positive youth development.
  3. Nurses will employ youth engagement approaches to foster positive youth development.
  4. Nurses will apply the principles of positive youth development in working with youth and other members of the healthcare team to develop the necessary skills and knowledge needed to successfully transition care to the adult-oriented healthcare system.
  5. Nursing practice will be informed by evidence-based theoretical models.
  6. Nurses engaged in the design, implementation and evaluation of programs for youth will base decisions on evidence reflecting the elements of effective program planning and design.