Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Purpose & Scope

This guideline addresses:

  • Knowledge, competencies and behaviours that exist in culturally competent workplaces
  • Indicators and features of culturally competent practice settings
  • Organizational values, relationships, structures and processes that support development of culturally competent practices
  • Learning and development required to develop, support, and sustain culturally competent practices
  • Behaviours and practices that reflect cultural awareness and serve as facilitators to embracing diversity in the workplace

The recommendations in this guideline address:

  • Culturally competent practices in the workplace
  • Individual competencies, management practices and institutional policies that reflect culturally competent practices
  • Transformational strategies for embracing diversity at the level of the individual, group, organization, and health care system
  • Educational requirements and strategies to ensure a culturally competent workforce
  • Policy changes to support and sustain culturally competent practices
  • Future research opportunities