Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Practice Recommendations
  1. Crisis intervention is founded on a particular set of values and beliefs, and guiding principles.
  2. Knowledge of the three core components of crisis intervention theory (a precipitating event, perception of the event, and the client’s usual coping methods) is fundamental to identify clients in crisis.
  3. The delivery of crisis intervention is based on an integrative framework.
  4. A wide array of therapeutic communication skills is a pre-requisite to effective intervention with clients in crisis.
  5. A comprehensive holistic assessment is performed prior to engaging in any plan to resolve crises.
  6. Nurses are directly involved in all aspects of crisis intervention including assessment, intervention, referrals and linkages, and short-term follow up.
  7. Teaching and educating clients, families, colleagues, and the community about crisis intervention and prevention are essential to promote mental health.