Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Practice Considerations

Practice considerations when promoting strategies to support self management in chronic conditions:

  1. Utilize a theory based approaches to self management such as: The 5 “A”s of Behavioural Change, The Chronic Care Model,
  2. Establish rapport and understand therapeutic and helping relationship such as active listening, respect, trust, empathy and responding to patient concerns.
  3. Assess patient’s readiness to change using the Stages of Change Model
  4. Utilize self management education strategies to improve outcomes such as behavioural strategies, psychological strategies, and other strategies (age, culture, ethnicity, health literacy).
  5. Be non-judgemental and foster communication techniques (Ask-Tell-Ask or Elicit-Provide-Elicit, Closing the Loop)
  6. Involve patients/families in decision making and planning of care to promote confidence and autonomy
  7. Incorporate Transformational Leadership practices to enhance staff-patient/family collaboration and to create a healthy work-learning environment by:
    • Building relationships and trust
    • Creating an empowering environment
    • Creating a culture that supports knowledge development and integration