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Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Possible Strategies for Affirming Client’s Self-Worth
Practice Box – Possible Strategies for Affirming a Client’s Self-worth

(RNAO Development Panel, 2008)

Validation, respect and compassion go a long way to demonstrating that you recognize the person’s worth. Here are some ways to share with the client that other people see their worth:

  • Encourage the client to be kind and understanding with themselves. Support the use of a diary
  • to journal their thoughts and to positively reframe any negative thoughts.
  • When dialoguing with the client, acknowledge their strengths.
  • Work with client to set achievable daily goals and to accomplish them.
  • Help the client to visualize change. Help the client describe the desired changed behaviour.
  • Help the client establish rewards for small accomplishments.
  • Help the client not blame themselves when something does not go as they wanted.
  • Assist the client to counteract negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

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