Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Organizational Recommendations

8.0 Power and hierarchy in organizations

8.1 Organizations must acknowledge the impact of power and hierarchy by:
Identifying imbalances of power and making changes to equalize power and build mutually supportive, safe interprofessional workplaces.
8.2 Organizations need to engage and develop leaders at every level, including among their point-of-care health professionals, for successful interprofessional care.
Strategies for doing that include:
a. Developing interprofessional care champions/role models in different professions and programs; and
b. Offering leadership courses to introduce the concepts and competencies of interprofessional care and its management.

9.0 Operational supports

9.1 Organizations promote interprofessional care by developing a culture that expects collaboration and creates the operational supports it will need to succeed by:
a. Establishing human resources plans that allow dedicated time and coverage for staff to participate in interprofessional activities e.g. team development, a team charter and effective communication;
b. Designing buildings, spaces, programs and care pathways to accommodate and encourage interprofessional care; and
c. Considering shared spaces for patients/clients and team members to enhance opportunities for communication and innovation.

10.0 Competent communication

10.1 Organizations can support interprofessional care through enhanced communication by:
a. Establishing effective communication processes and tools to support collaboration and communication in teams, professions, with patients/clients and across programs and organizations;
b. Standardizing documentation and encouraging information sharing;
c. Adopting strategies to tackle issues such as “turf ” protection and disrespectful communication; and
d. Creating a culture that promotes regular formal and informal communication among team members with team rounds and care conferences.

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