Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Occupational Health and Safety – Employer and Worker’s Responsibility

What are the employer’s responsibilities?

An employer must:

  • take every reasonable precaution to ensure the workplace is safe
  • train employees about any potential hazards and in how to safely use, handle, store and dispose of hazardous substances and how to handle emergencies
  • ensure that personal protective equipment is used where required and that workers know how to use the equipment safely and properly
  • immediately report serious injuries or fatalities to the government department responsible for OH&S – as required by the specific legislation

What are the worker’s responsibilities?

Worker responsibilities include:

  • to work in compliance with OH&S acts, codes and regulations
  • to use personal protective equipment and clothing as directed by the employer
  • to report workplace hazards and dangers
  • to work in a manner as required by the employer and use the prescribed safety equipment.

Ministry of Labour, Government of Ontario