Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Management of Patient with Nutritional Risk and Pressure Ulcer Risk

  • A minimum of 30-35 kcal /kg body weight/ day with 1.25-1.5 g/kg/day protein (Dorner et. al., 2009; NPUAP & EPUAP, 2009);
  • A minimum of 1 ml of fluid/ kcal/ day (NPUAP & EPUAP, 2009); for patients with dehydration, diarrhea, vomiting, elevated temperature, profuse sweating or heavily draining wound(s), provide additional fluid (Dorner et al., 2009); and
  • A well balanced diet that includes appropriate sources of vitamins and minerals. If dietary intake is poor or deficiencies are suspected, offer vitamin/mineral supplements (Dorner et. al., 2009).