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InterRAI Pressure Ulcer Risk Scale


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Source: Poss, J., Murphy, K., Woodbury, M, Orsted, H., Stevenson, K., Williams, G. et al. (2010). Development of interRAI Pressure Ulcer Risk Scale (PURS) for use in long-term care and home care setting. BioMed Central Geriatrics, 10, 67
Reprinted with permission from BioMed Central
InteRai PURS Assessment
 Bed mobility: Ability to move from to and from lying position, turn and position body in bed
0-Self performance
1-Support required
Walk in room: How resident walks between locations in own room
0-Self performance
1-Support required
Bowel Continence: Control of bowel movement, with appliance, or bowel program
Weight Change : weight loss -5% or more in last 30 days or 10% or more in last 180 days
Hx of resolved pressure ulcers: Resident has a PU that was resolved in last 90 days
2- Yes
Pain Symptoms: Frequency that resident complains or shows evidence of pain
0-No pain
1-Pain daily
Shortness of Breath
        Add numbers to obtain Total Score
(higher score = ↑ risk for developing a pressure ulcer)