Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Integrative Model of Crisis Intervention

The focus of the model below is to identify the precipitating event, the client´s cognition or perceptions of the event, his or her degree of subjective distress, failed coping mechanisms, and impaired functioning.

The goal is to return the client to his or her pre-crisis level of functioning emotionally, occupationally and interpersonally.

Adapted from: Guide to Crisis Intervention, 1 edition, by K. Kanel. ©1999. Reprinted with permission of Brooks/Cole, an imprint of the Wadsworth Group, a division of Thompson Learning; Hoff, L. (1995), People in Crisis: Understanding & Helping, Addison & Wesley Publishing; Hoff, L. (2001), People in Crisis: Clinical and Public Health Perspectives, (5th ed.), Jossey-Bass Publishing.