Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Individual Context: Best Cultural Competence Practices
  • The concept of cultural competence is based upon a respect for others and a search to find greater meaning in how we can live and work together with ease and understanding.
  • Developing cultural competence means that the health professional becomes aware of one’s own cultural attributes and biases, and their impact on others.
  • Understanding one’s own worldview and that of the “other,” avoids stereotyping and the misapplication of scientific knowledge.
  • Through our actions and interactions we can support and learn from diverse groups to create an environment that capitalizes on diversity and furthers the profession and the broader health care system.
  • In striving towards developing quality professional practice environments, welcoming cultural diversity and enveloping cultural competence provides not only a rich environment in which to work and care for diverse populations, but also provides hospitals and other work places a competitive edge as they seek to recruit and retain staff.