Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Hurt, Insulted, Threatened with harm, Screamed at (HITS)


Please read each of the following activities and fill in circle that best indicates the frequency with which you partner acts in the way depicted.
How often does your partner? Never   Rarely  Sometimes  Fairly often   Frequently
1. Physically hurt you              O          O            O                O                O
2. Insult or talk down to you      O          O            O                O                O
3. Threaten you with harm         O          O            O                O                O
4. Scream or curse at you         O          O            O                O                O
                                               1           2             3                 4                5
Each item is scored from 1-5. Thus, scores for this inventory range from 4-20. A score of greater than 10 is considered positive.