Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

How can a nurse communicate client centred learning effectively with the client and the interprofessional team?

Q: How can a nurse communicate client centred learning effectively with:

  1. The client; and
  2. The interprofessional team?
  1. The client: Clear communication with the client includes:
    • Using the L.E.A.R.N.S. Model to guide you when facilitating client centred learning 
    • Checking for understanding; and
    • Providing some form of 'take away' message that summarizes the key information (Sudore & Schillinger, 2009).
  2. (b) The interprofessional team: The first step in effective communication is to document the episode or encounter. Documentation should include:
    • The key educational points or skills addressed with the client;
    • Concerns expressed by the client;
    • Actions the client agrees to take;
    • How you assessed the learning and the results of your assessment;
    • Any topics or items not covered or that were difficult for the client to assimilate;
    • The client response to the session; and
    • What the plan for follow up is.

The next step is ensuring that the documentation is shared with all members of the client's health care team to help foster consistency of messaging and enable other care providers to support the client's building on his/her learning.