Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Educational Resources for Nurses

Learning and Leading: A Toolkit for Youth Development and Civic Activism
This toolkit Includes a description of key concepts, a set of promising practices, checklists, a list of resources, vignettes illustrating practical lessons and workshops or activities that have been used successfully in young people’s groups.

Maximum Youth Involvement! The Complete Game Plan for Community Action
This resource manual includes guiding principles and ideas for those exploring the feasibility of collaborating with youth or trying to expand the role of young people as community problem solvers, particularly in the public policy arena.!completeguidetocommunityaction.pdf

Say Y.E.S. to Youth: Youth Engagement Strategies
A resource package to assist in engaging youth within your team and organization.

Adult Allies
A Canadian guide to being an effective ally for youth engagement.

Allies In Action
A workshop manual to assist adults in embracing the notion that young people have a right to participate and that adults need to be comfortable in sharing power so as to enable youth to become meaningfully engaged related in addressing sexual health issues.