Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines


Diskus®: Proper Use

  1. Open – Place thumb on thumb grip. Push thumb away from body as far as it will go.
  2. Slide – Slide the lever until a click is heard. Breathe out away from the Diskus®.
  3. Inhale – Seal lips around the mouthpiece. Breathe in steadily and deeply through mouth. Hold breath for about 10 seconds, then breath out slowly.
  4. Close – Place thumb on thumb grip, and slide the thumb grip towards body, as far as it will go.

Important: If more than one dose is prescribed, repeat steps 2 – 4. Rinse your mouth after using Flovent® or Advair®.

Care of a Diskus®

  • The dose counter displays how many doses are left or when the inhaler is empty.
  • Keep the Diskus® closed when not in use, and only slide the lever when ready to take a dose.