Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Disease Managment

5.0 Nurses should support disease self-management strategies including:

  • Action plan development
  • Awareness of baseline symptoms and activity level
  • Recognition of factors that worsen symptoms
  • Early symptom recognition of acute exacerbation/infection

5.1 Nurses should promote exercise training.
Nurses should promote pulmonary rehabilitation.

6.0 Nurses working with patients with advanced illness causing dyspnea and their families will have the appropriate knowledge and skills to:

  • encourage and promote ongoing dialogue regarding patient values, desired outcomes and treatment options,
  • ameliorate dyspnea and other distressing physical, emotional, social and spiritual symptoms using appropriate integrative and pharmacological approaches,
  • work collaboratively with an inter-professional team to ensure the highest quality of life possible for the person experiencing dyspnea at the end-of-life