Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Discharge and Transfer of Care Arrangement
4.1 Provide the following information for clients moving between care settings:
  • Risk factors identified;
  • Details of pressure points and skin condition prior to discharge;
  • Current plan to minimize pressure, friction and shear:
    • Type of bed/mattress
    • Type of seating
    • Current transfer techniques used by the client (bed-chair-commode);
  • History of ulcers, previous treatments, products used and products not effective:
    • Stage/Category, site and size of existing ulcers
    • Type of dressing currently used and frequency of dressing change
    • Allergies and adverse reactions to wound care products
    • Summary of relevant laboratory results
    • Client and family response/ adherence to prevention and treatment plan
    • Requirement for pain management;
  • Details of ulcers that are closed; and
  • Need for on-going interprofessional support.