Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Core Process of Client Centered Care - Evaluating Outcomes

a) Engage the client in evaluating care delivery and health related outcomes. Nurses may ask:

  • How is the care you are receiving?
  • How do you feel about your progress?
  • What is important to you in achieving your goals?

b) Support the client if or when goals cannot be met. Nurses may ask:

  • Is there another way to achieve the same outcome?
  • What would help you?
  • What else can I do to help?

c) Utilize specific processes/evaluations that provide continuous feedback from the client’s perspective about the quality of nursing care. Nurses may ask:

  • How was your care/service today?

d) Demonstrate an attitude of openness and a willingness to change in order to improve the quality of care from the client’s perspective.

  • What could we have done better?

e) Change care plans and practice approaches in order to improve quality from the client’s perspective.