Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Charter Statements

Patient/Client Expectation
As a patient/client in Ontario, I expect my health care to be provided by various health caregivers who respect me and the health-care choices I make. My caregivers seek to know my health experience and are prepared to work with me across settings to combine their knowledge and skills to meet my health goals.

Caregiver Commitments
As a health caregiver in Ontario, in supporting the interprofesssional vision,

1. I will seek to know the experience of those I care for, respect and strive to understand their needs, and work with them to develop their care plans that acknowledge their choices,

2. I will understand my role and understand the role and expertise of other health caregivers,

3. I will inform those who are caring for patients/clients with me about the care I am providing to them,

4. I will ask questions, communicate to be understood, seek input and listen respectfully to generate options for care,

5. I will be aware of how my own behaviour and attitudes impact interprofessional care and how I actively foster a culture of collaboration, and

6. I will acknowledge that there are limits to what I know and will continue to learn from others so that care can be better integrated and guided by the best possible ideas.

Leader Commitments
To meet patients/clients expectation and enable caregiver commitments in Ontario, as health system leaders,

1. We will align our language, processes, structures and resources to foster an interprofesssional culture,

2. We will create opportunities to collaborate within and across sectors to integrate interprofesssional care into practice, education, policy and research,

3. We will measure and evaluate our interprofessional care initiatives to know what is being achieved, and

4. We will continuously improve interprofessional care in the health-care system by identifying, promoting and implementing practices that make a difference to patient/client care.

Interprofessional Care Strategic Implementation Committee Final Report 2010