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Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Care Tips for the Feet

Did you know that having diabetes puts you at risk of developing complications such as foot ulcers?

Yearly exam needed!

Have a health professional examine your feet at least once a year.
Find out if you have lower or higher risk feet.

Risk Factors for Foot Ulcers:

  • A previous foot ulcer
  • Loss of normal feeling in your feet
  • Abnormal shaped foot, including calluses, and bunions
  • Poor circulation to your feet

Managing your blood sugar is important for healthy feet – See your healthcare provider! Get complete diabetes education.


Protect your feet – Follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Check your feet daily
  • Look for red areas, blisters or any open area. If you cannot do this yourself, have someone else check for you.
  • See your doctor or foot specialist right away if you find a problem!

  1. Protect your feet - always wear shoes!
  • Wear shoes that fit well, support your foot and are not too tight.
  • Do not wear shoes that cause reddened or sore areas.
  • See a specialist for footwear advice if you have a higher risk foot.

  1. Keep your skin clean and soft
  • Wash your feet regularly, but do not soak them. Dry well between your toes. Check that the water is not too hot before putting your feet in it.
  • Use unscented creams. Do not put cream between the toes.

  1. Don’t hurt yourself with nail clippers or razors
  • Cut your nails straight across. Get help to cut your nails, if needed.
  • Don’t cut calluses. See a local foot care clinic.
  • Many are covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).