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Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Background - Fact about Asthma in Children
  • Asthma is the most common chronic illness affecting children (Aligne & Stoddard, 1997; Brownson et al., 1992; Dekker, Dales, Bartlett, Brunekreff, & Zwanenburg, 1991).
  • It accounts for more missed school days and limitations in daily activities than any other childhood illness (Harrison & Pearson, 1993; Ogborn, Duggan, & DeAngelis, 1994; Taylor & Newachek, 1992; Winkelstein, Tarizan, & Wood, 1997).
  • Many underestimate the severity of their asthma and continue to restrict their everyday activities, suffer needlessly, and perhaps die unnecessarily. Proper asthma management can lead to better asthma control and may reduce the incidence of death from asthma by as much as 80% (Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences in Ontario, 1996).