Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

  • The environment in which we now provide care has changed and continues to change at a rapid pace.
  • The composition, context and structure of teams is also changing to include virtual teams that provide care using video and telecommunications technology without ever meeting in person, and task teams that come together for a brief time to accomplish a specific goal.
  • Teams are increasingly crossing health care sectors, include care providers from acute care, long-term care, community and home care and are more interprofessional than ever before.
  • Although being part of a team is a commonly held experience, we all experience teams and teamwork in a different manner. Each member of the team comes with differing expectations and assumptions about teamwork that is based on previous learning, experiences and professional expectations.
  • There is a pressing need for nurses to be skilled teammates and team leaders. Being skilled means understanding the principles of teamwork and collaboration so well that you can apply them with ease to the ever changing context of practice.
  • Nurses practice in and contribute to the context of an interprofessional work environment involving many professionals.