Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

ASSESS: Beliefs, behaviour and knowledge
1.1.a Nurses establish rapport with clients and families
Level: III
1.1.b Nurses’ screen for depression on initial assessment, at regular intervals, and advocate for follow up treatment of depression
Level: Ib
1.1.c  Nurses establish a written agenda for appointments in collaboration, with the client and family, which may include:
- reviewing clinical data
- discussing client’s experiences with self management
- medication administration
-creating action plans
-client education
Level: IIb
1.1.d Nurses consistently assess client’s readiness for change to help determine strategies to assist client with specific behaviours
Level: III
1.1.e Nurses encourage clients to use health risk appraisal instruments; model use of such tools, and discuss the results of the risk assessment with them at regular follow up.
Level: Ib