Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

ADVISE: Provide specific information about health risks and benefits of change
1.2.a Nurses combine effective behavioural, psychosocial strategies and self-management education processes as part of delivering self-management support.
Level: Ia
1.2.b Nurses utilize the “ask-tell-ask” (also known as "Elicit- Provide-Elicit”) communication technique to ensure the client receives the information required or requested.
Level: III
1.2.c Nurses use the communication technique “Closing the Loop” (also known as “teach back”) to assess a client’s understanding of information.
Level: III
1.2.d Nurses assist clients in using information from self-monitoring techniques (e.g., glucose monitoring, home blood pressure monitoring) to manage their condition.
Level: Ib
1.2.e Nurses encourage clients to use monitoring methods (e.g., diaries, logs, personal health records) to monitor and track their health condition.
Level III