Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Actions to Transform Youth Leadership Potential

McGregor (2006) identified the following as actions that can help transform leadership potential in youth:

  • Permit youth to self-select for participation in any leadership related activities.
  • Respect and consider youths’ power and experiences, relating these to their roles as leaders.
  • Provide frequent and diverse leadership opportunities within the organization or community in which youth could engage.
  • Involve high- or at-risk youth in school-based leadership roles.
  • Develop an understanding of differences in cultural expression of leadership behaviours, incorporating this understanding into the youth leadership experiences.
  • Allow youth to take on responsibilities and leadership roles without expectations of perfection.
  • Recognize that leadership opportunities go beyond an elected formal position and encompass non-traditional leadership activities, such as volunteering or serving as a student assistant.
  • Evaluate and explore one’s own perspectives and beliefs about leaders and leadership.
  • Engage youth in discussions related to leadership.