Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines

Action Plans

Recommendation 3.0:
Every client with asthma should have an individualized written asthma action plan for guided self-management.

Recommendation 3.1:
An action plan should be developed in partnership with the health care professional and be based on the evaluation of symptoms with or without peak flow measurement.

Recommendation 3.2:
For every client with asthma, the nurse needs to assess for use and understanding of the asthma action plan. If a client does not have an action plan, the nurse needs to provide a sample action plan, explain its purpose and use, and coach the client to complete the plan with his/her asthma care provider.

Recommendation 3.3:
Where deemed appropriate, the nurse should assess, assist and educate clients in measuring peak expiratory flow rates. A standardized format should be used for teaching clients how to use peak flow measurements.